Diane Clark

Found in the attic – Part 2

“Now my boy, since Nellie went what you need to help you look after that little granddaughter of mine is a house-keeper.  And I’ve got just the person for you.  My Lois has a niece, just back from London to be with her widowed mother and older sister.  She’s not in work at the moment.  Doing a bit of cooking in the village but living at home.  She’s had plenty of experience as a domestic over the years so she’d make you a good house-keeper.” Continue reading

Found in the Attic – Part 1

After my mother-in-law was admitted into residential care, my husband, Chris, and I had the less than pleasant task of going through her belongings.  We had not been in the house, especially the attic, for many years because she lived in England and we in Australia.  After all, you don’t tend to rummage about in the attic when visiting family you haven’t seen for a long time.  This time, though, exploring the attic was a must. Continue reading