Cairns Family History is a FamilySearch Affiliate Library!



This is exciting news for our researchers!

With Affiliate Library status you will be able to access nearly all the restricted digitised images currently available at FamilySearch from Cairns Family History’s research computers.

FamilySearch contains the largest collection of digitised records in the world and their coverage is worldwide.

The restricted images include many highly desirable record sets not freely available elsewhere, including a full set of the Scottish parish records – also available on ScotlandPeople, but you will pay to view each image. At a FamilySearch Affiliate Library you can view these images for free.

To access FamilySearch from home, or an Affiliate Library, you will need to register for a free FamilySearch account. When you have logged in with your account sign-in and password, search the Catalogue section of the website and you will have access to the digitised images. Not all digitised collections are restricted and you will be able to view these from your home computer.

When you see this screen on your home computer, this means the images are restricted, but they are available from Cairns Family History’s Research Centre.




If you need any help with FamilySearch ask our Research Assistants and/or attend one of Cairns Family History’s FamilySearch demonstration workshops.

This is great news for our researchers and we thank you FamilySearch for making this possible.


Click here to access the FamilySearch Website
Click here for a guide to accessing FamilySearch records