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QR code at headstone

One of the 10 QR codes

During 2014, the Heritage listed McLeod Street Pioneer Cemetery joined the modern technological age with the installation of the first of 10 QR codes on headstones.

This allows visitors to scan a QR code on their smartphone or tablet, and have instant access to an online biography of a Cairns’ pioneer.

The biographies were researched & written by members of the Cairns & District Family History Society.

The first 10 QR codes were randomly chosen from the 2501 people buried in the cemetery, and from the remaining 200+ intact headstones:

  • William Real
  • Arthur Prime
  • Katie Bennett
  • Fathers Corcoran & Cahill
  • Isaac Duffin
  • Eliza Vera Earl
  • Richard Ash Kingsford
  • Charles Thomas Wyatt
  • John Samuel Pyne
  • The Redden family

This is an ongoing project and was funded by the Cairns Regional Council.

The cemetery’s heritage listing required adherence to strict guidelines, including materials, placement and height restrictions. QR codes were placed at the back of the headstone on a plinth of a specified height to avoid potential tripping hazards.  Granite was chosen because of its durability.

The Cairns & District Family History Society Inc. worked in collaboration with the Creative Partnerships Unit of Cairns Regional Council on this project.  We thank the Cairns Regional Council for providing this wonderful opportunity to tell these stories, also for obtaining the necessary Exemption Certificate from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

QR code for headstone

QR codes for Richard Ash Kingsford


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