Charles Thomas Wyatt

In Loving Remembrance
Charles Thomas Wyatt
Born at Townsville 10th May 1871
Died 7th January 1902

Headstone : (marble scroll, concrete edging)


Charles Thomas Wyatt was born in Townsville Qld, 10 May 1871 to Charles Wyatt and Eliza Griffith and was one of 7 children. He married Anna Johanna Catrina Freudenberg and had 1 son.

In 1889, the Royal Humane Society of Australasia awarded a certificate to Charles, who at the age of 17 he rescued William Edward Mills on the 2nd April 1888 from Alligator Creek, when lying at the bottom of 10 or 12 feet of water, apparently dead and Charles resuscitated him.

At that time Charles was a custom clerk in Townsville.

On the 26th March 1891 either as a soldier or special volunteer he was sent to Hughenden to suppress the Shearers Strike. He guarded supplies and non-striking labourers until 24 July 1891.

Charles Thomas Wyatt of the Townsville Mounted Infantry recorded this following unusual incident for posterity after serving in and around Hughenden from the 26th March to 14th May 1891 in very wet conditions. The day after he arrived in Muttaburra he witnessed a party of 150 mounted unionists parade through town heading north. The troops had not been ordered to follow so they played a game of cricket. Wyatt picked up 5 wickets! The next day a party of 60 unionists and horsemen from Barcaldine, passed through Muttaburra and set out in the direction of Hughenden. Wyatt’s party of mounted infantry and special constables were ordered to follow them this time. While the strike did not achieve its goals, the long term benefit was that it provided the impetus for political representation for workers – the establishment of the Australian Labor Party.

On the 8th January 1902 while chief clerk in the Customs Office in Cairns, he died suddenly of apoplexy.

Information Compiled By: Cairns District Family History Society Inc.