“We Will Remember Them”

The Cairns Cenotaph WW1 Online Memorial commemorates and records the lives of the soldiers and nurses listed on the Cenotaph panels who died serving their country.

Details of their war service, biographical information, family history details, as well as photographs, documents and news items are provided for each soldier and nurse.

Cairns Cenotaph Information and Photographs

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Research for this website, including writing the stories for the soldiers and nurses, sourcing the documents, photographs and news items, by Dell Deed, Kesley Court and Heather Cox.  Cairns Cenotaph WW1 website content by Heather Cox.  Photographs of the Cairns Cenotaph by Kesley Court. The original idea for the project by Aileen Park with initial research.

4CA 846AM Radio interview re Cairns Cenotaph Project – Kesley Court, 3 June 2018

FM89.1 Radio interview re Cenotaph Project – Dell Deed & Kesley Court – April 2018

The soldier in the photograph is: Harold Robert Lyne COLQUHOUN

NameRankDate of Death
AINSCOW Ernest AustinPrivate12 August 1917
ALLEN Leonard JamesPrivate1 October 1917
BARKER ArthurPrivate4 October 1917
BASSETT Cornelius JohnPrivate4 June 1917
BECK CarlPrivate, Trooper31 October 1917
BENTE Henry CliftonPrivate29 April 1918
BETHERAS Stephen RichardLance Corporal29 March 1918
BIRCH ThomasPrivate2 December 1918
BLACK RobertPrivate, Trooper8 May 1918
BLACKADDER WilliamPrivate26 March 1917
BODEN Frederick CharlesPrivate, Gunner8 November 1918
BOOKER Herbert EdwardCorporal8 August 1915
BOUTLE Lawrence RheubenPrivate28 March 1918
BOWERS Charles JohnLance Corporal29 July 1916
BOYNS John AlexanderPrivate9 June 1918
BRADSHAW Henry GrahamPrivate1 September 1918
BRIDGE HerbertPrivate15 September 1917
BRIDSON Arthur Stewart MunroPrivate24 April 1918
BRODIE James LawrenceCompany Sergeant Major31 January 1917
BROMHALL Arthur ClarencePrivate23 August 1918
CARD AlbertPrivate20 September 1917
CHIMES George HenryPrivate8 August 1915
CLEGG Alfred HenrySergeant29 July 1916
CLOAK William FrankPrivate28 March 1918
COCKREM Frederick JohnPrivate24 April 1918
COLQUHOUN Harold Robert LyneSergeant27 August 1915
COOMBES Walter DurhamGunner30 May 1918
CORNFORD Henry GeorgeDriver, Sergeant17 October 1917
CROSSLAND EdwardPrivate29 July 1918
DALZIEL George RobertPrivate27 March 1918
DAVIES Horace ArchibaldPrivate17 July 1918
DAVIES William JohnPrivate, Trooper22 December 1917
DENSLOW EdwardPrivate8 August 1915
EARDLEY Harold WillmottPrivate1 November 1915
ERSKINE ErnestPrivate9 October 1917
FISHER Henry NormanSergeant18 September 1918
FOX Michael JamesPrivate12 April 1917
GALLAGHER Herbert PeterPrivate26 September 1917
GIBBINS Robert HenryPrivate7 May 1917
GILL ArthurPrivate7 June 1917
GISLER ChristianSapper21 March 1918
GOFTON HarryPrivate27 March 1918
GOODFELLOW John ThomasPrivate1 November 1917
GOODMAN Pearl StellaStaff Nurse6 March 1919
GRANT Donald JohnPrivate23 June 1916
GRANT Lydia Wilhelmina FalconerSister1 April 1917
GREEN Richard WilliamSergeant17 March 1917
HALL Roger NicholsonPrivate28 May 1918
HANNEYSEE Percival JohnPrivate4 July 1918
HEALY Albert KennethPrivate8 August 1918
HEALY Jack GallowayLance Corporal11 April 1917
HIDES John GordonPrivate7 May 1915
HIDES Robert CraigPrivate15 April 1917
HOBSON William DoyleSergeant16 August 1916
HOCKING Joseph FrancisLance Corporal13 August 1917
HOLLAMBY CharlesSergeant6 July 1918
HOLLAMBY Walter ErnestPrivate9 August 1916
HOLMES EvanPrivate13 October 1915
HOLMES Henry GeorgePrivate18 October 1917
HUDSON Frederick ArthurPrivate25 August 1915
HUME John DavidLance Corporal1 February 1917
JARMAN WilliamDriver, Sergeant4 July 1918
JONES John JosephPrivate5 August 1916
KELLY FrankPrivate7 September 1918
KENNY William ThomasActing Corporal5 August 1916
KERRIGAN RobertPrivate15 February 1917
KERSHAW JamesPrivate2 April 1917
KIRBY Edward Aston TorrensLance Corporal2 May 1915
KIRKE Gilbert ShuttleworthSecond Lieutenant5 August 1916
KNOX Thomas JamesPrivate23 August 1918
LAWSON ThomasPrivate25 May 1918
LEE Thomas HenryPrivate2 September 1917
LEHANE William NicholasSergeant18 September 1918
LEONARD Edward ErnestPrivate5 April 1918
LESWELL JohnPrivate, Trooper15 October 1916
LINDE John Alfred RobertLance Corporal15 October 1917
LOMAS Rowland Frank EugenePrivate29 March 1919
MACKENZIE DonaldPrivate23 June 1918
MACKENZIE William HectorlpPrivate10 August 1916
MAHER Charles LeoPrivate25 April 1915
MALE AlbertSergeant29 July 1916
MANN John ArmstrongPrivate25 May 1915
MANSFIELD John WilliamPrivate8 August 1915
MARETT Cubert EdwardPrivate5 August 1916
MAYERS Horace RussellGunner23 April 1917
MCALLISTER David Henry JohnGunner8 October 1918
MCCAFFERTY Edward ThomasSergeant23 June 1917
MCDOUGALL ArchibaldCorporal11 April 1917
MCDOUGALL John FrancisPrivate7 June 1917
MCINTRYE AlexanderPrivate18 July 1918
MIDDLETON Thomas ErnestPrivate19 May 1915
MILLER MatthewPrivate4 October 1917
MISSINGHAM Walter JamesPrivate12 August 1917
MOODY George HenryPrivate9 June 1917
MOODY Thomas MatthewPrivate1 September 1918
NELSON Frederick JohnPrivate29 April 1917
O'LEARY JohnPrivate20 September 1917
O'NEILL James GordonSecond Lieutenant8 August 1918
O'NEILL WilliamSergeant21 August 1916
OSBORNE HaroldPrivate20 May 1915
PEAT WilliamPrivate1 February 1917
PERKINS William TaylorPrivate30 April 1915
PETERS Ernest HenryPrivate11 June 1917
POWER Francis WashingtonPrivate26 April 1917
PREWETT Victor EdwardDriver26 August 1916
PUNCHARD WalterPrivate4 October 1918
PYLE James William GeorgeSergeant29 July 1916
QUIGLEY Thomas JosephPrivate27 January 1917
QUINN Patrick FrancisPrivate16 August 1917
RIGG Percy ReginaldSecond Lieutenant1 September 1918
SAUNDERS James LeslieCompany Sergeant Major1 February 1916
SCRUTTON Arthur EdwardPrivate29 March 1917
SEWELL John ThomasPrivate27 April 1915
SLADE Henry ArthurPrivate5 May 1915
SLATCHER Ernest William JamesPrivate29 July 1916
STACE George EdwardPrivate14 November 1916
STOREY FrancisPrivate5 August 1917
SUTHERLAND George ArthurPrivate1 October 1917
TAYLOR William GeorgePrivate13 April 1918
TOLL Frederick VivianPrivate8 August 1915
TOTTEN Robert JosephPrivate11 April 1917
WALSH John FrancisMajor28 April 1915
WATERS Michael LoderLance Corporal4 June 1917
WATTERS John AllenPrivate5 October 1917
WHITE Albert LeonardLance Corporal12 October 1917
WOOLEY Alfred RichardLance Corporal21 March 1920