Would you like to know more about your family?

We offer a Research Service to help you find your ancestors!


Members who live outside of the Cairns Regional Council area

The Society is offering three hours FREE research per membership year for members NOT resident in the Cairns Regional Council area.

Further research in that year would be at $20 per hour.

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Members who live in the Cairns Regional Council area

If you live in the Cairns Regional Council area you have unlimited access to our Library, subscription databases, and to help from our experienced Research Assistants.

If you are unable to access the Library for reasons of impairment or health, members who live in the Cairns Regional Council area are entitled to 1 hour FREE research per membership year.

Research for members living in the Cairns Regional Council area would be at $20 per hour.



Research is available at $30.00 per hour.  Copying charges are additional.



There are two payment methods:
1. Pay by Visa or Mastercard using PayPal (a PayPal account is not required):
2. Payment can also be made by direct deposit to our bank account.

Or contact the Research Coordinator for further details:


Where do we research?

We have access to millions of records worldwide.
We have access to the Society’s Far North Queensland indexes and records.
Our research service is not restricted to Far North Queensland. We will research family for you in all Australian states and territories and anywhere overseas.


Our Research Team

We have a team of experience researchers willing to help you. Our research team will use professional ancestral research methods. Many of them have expertise in specific geographic areas or subject research areas.


What will I receive?

You will receive a written report, referencing all resources consulted. Copies of documents, photos or other items discovered,


Tell us what you would like to know

Download and fill in the Research Request form or email a brief outline of your research requirements to


For further information contact our Research Coordinator:

CDFHS - John Noble Collection

Drying out after a cyclone – CDFHS John Noble Collection