DNA Interest Group

Genetic genealogy uses a combination of DNA testing and traditional genealogical research and records to infer relationships between individuals.

DNA testing is now easily accessible, affordable & accurate, and can reveal previously unknown connections in a family tree.

Our DNA Interest Group (DIG) is open to anyone who has an interest in learning about or using DNA testing for genealogical or family history research.

There is no requirement for you to come from Queensland – most of us come from elsewhere.

We also assist those with unknown parentage (eg. adoptees, donor-conceived, foundlings, etc) to use DNA testing to help identify biological relatives.

Our goal is to host a friendly, semi-informal forum for educating people in the use of DNA testing for genealogical purposes.


DNA meetings may include:

  • presentations on genetic genealogy-related topics
  • group discussions
  • individual help with test planning and analysis of results
  • members sharing their experiences and results


DNA dates

DNA Interest Group meetings alternate with the Drop-In DNA Clinics on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Free to members;  $10 for non-members

Refer to the Calendar of Events for upcoming meeting dates


More information


Introduction to DNA Testing for Genealogy

See what a DNA test kit looks like and how to use it


The DIG & Drop-In DNA Clinics are led by Louise Coakley.

Contact Louise with any enquiries.


If you have already tested with Family Tree DNA and would like to join our project group, login to your FTDNA account and click on the image below or click here, then click on the JOIN button in the group header.




Mailing List

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Email Louise or see her website for further information.


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