New to LibraryThing?    Read our Guide to Searching the LibraryThing Catalogue (below).


What does CDFHS’s LibraryThing Catalogue contain?LibraryThing3r

Today there are over 4,000 bibliographic records of our holdings for you to search from the Library computers or online from your home.


Guide to Searching the LibraryThing Catalogue

Searching is easy.  The catalogue can be searched by title, author, key-word and ISBN.  You can view the entire holdings for specific collections and tags.

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CDFHS’s LibraryThing catalogue online profile page

profile_page_search2General Search

The main search box is found on the homepage.

Just type in key-word, author, title etc. and click the search button.

Collections Search


CDFHS’s library is arranged on the shelves by location or subject i.e. Cairns, Scotland, How to & Guides. They are called Collections.

To view all titles in a collection, just click on the collection you wish to view i.e. “Shipping” which contains 167 titles

Tags Search

Tags are similar to subject headings. Each title has been assigned tags to describe the items subject content.

Tags give an idea of what the title is about. The first tag is important, it is the collection tag – this is the location where you will find the title on the shelves.

The tags that follow the collection tag are the subject tags.

To view all titles with the same subject tag, just click on a tag i.e. schools – view 232 titles that have been assigned the tag “schools”.


Reading the bibliographic record

The results of a search are easy to read. In the example below, and reading from left to right; Title – Author – Year of publication – Tags.

In the following titles, “Microfilm” is the first tag, therefore all these titles are held in the “Microfilm” collection. The tags that follow are the descriptive (subject) tags.

Any one of these tags can be clicked on to see other titles with the same tag i.e. click on “Gordonvale” to see all titles about Gordonvale, or “Microfilm” and see a list of our entire microfilm holdings.



A significant proportion of the CDFHS’s library can be borrowed by members.

CDFHS online catalogue:

For further informatin contact the Library Co-ordinator.