Double commemoration at Herberton Cemetery

In November 2014, I was lucky enough to attend a very special commemorative evening held in Herberton, North Queensland – my home town.

The Herberton Lions Club hosted an evening presentation including a history walk through their local cemetery.

The occasion was the anniversary of World War 1, which was the theme of the evening’s other displays and performances.

The evening also marked the occasion of 100 years of the Red Cross in Herberton.



Herberton Rotunda


The back-drop to the presentation was a unique rotunda based on the design of a World War 1 tent.

The Herberton Lions Club and others organised a wonderful night, including a bush dinner, readings of bush poetry, and later in the evening 7 ‘ghosts’ talking and reminiscing about Herberton and the impact the war had on the people left behind.

The 100 year anniversary of the Red Cross in Herberton was also celebrated.

Below is a copy of the program for the evening:

Herberton Cemetery Walk Program p1


Herberton Cemetery Walk program p2


Members of the MAS Choir accompanied the ‘ghosts’ with appropriate songs from the day (MAS = Mature Age Singers).

The event was attended by around 200 people from Herberton and from much further afield.


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  1. Stumbled across this item… so much I don’t know about the family history.. Guess now I have the time to look into it some….Regards Bernard Hurley

  2. My Grandfather Herbert Grant was born in Herberton in 1907. I don’t know who his parents were.

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