Family Membership

Join or Renew:  Family membership for 1 year – $70

A family membership consists of a maximum of 2 adults and any number of children under the age of 18 who reside at the same address.  Any children attending CDFHS facilities or events must be accompanied by a primary adult member at all times.  Only those members over age 18 have voting rights.  Once a child reaches the age of 18 it is expected that they will take out their own membership and gain voting rights.  If only one email address is supplied, updates will be sent to the primary member only and it is his/her responsibility to ensure that all information is passed on to his/her additional family/junior members.  If an additional email address is supplied, it will be added to our mailing list for regular eNewsletters.

Other membership options:  Single Membership or Student Membership.

Concession:  A $5 discount is available for members on the full Aged Pension or full Disability Support Pension only.  Part pensioners, seniors card or health care card holders are not entitled to the concession.  Both adults in a concession family membership must hold a valid concession card to receive the concession price.  Members eligible for the concession can contact the President or Treasurer to obtain a coupon code, which can then be entered into the coupon code box at the time of payment to reduce the amount.  Concession members should show their concession card to the President, Treasurer or other representative at their earliest opportunity.

Easy Payment Methods:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card – click on the PayPal option below (no PayPal account is required), and you will see a button labelled Pay by Credit Card or Debit Card (see sample image) and you will be prompted to enter your card details.
  • Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer – click to view the payment instructions, then click the Sign Up or Join button to process your membership.  Complete your payment via your preferred method, and as soon as we receive your payment, your subscription will change from Pending to Completed.

Please complete the form and payment options below: