Unidentified photos from Pugh family of Queensland

The three photos below were part of a collection from the Pugh family of Ravenswood in North Queensland.

Several of the Pugh daughters worked as nurses at different places throughout Queensland.

Pam Cooper has shared these lovely photographs in the hope that someone may recognise the people involved.


This first photo was taken by A Chargois, Lake Street, Cairns.  Perhaps the style reflects the early 1900s?

Does anyone recognise this lady?


Pugh family of Ravenswood unidentified daughter


Also from the Pugh collection – who are these young men?

Photo was taken by A Aitkenson, Photographer, Cairns.


Pugh family of Ravenswood unidentified men


This next photo is marked “With best love From Gladys”.  Perhaps “Gladys” was a nursing friend of one of the Pugh sisters?

The photographer was Chargois Studios, Cairns.

Does anyone recognise Gladys?


Pugh family Ravenswood, unidentified Gladys


Do share these lovely photos and let’s see if we can find their families!

Please email Pam Cooper if you know who the subjects are or have any clues that can help identify them.

Thank you!



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